Welcome to ASTER 3

The value of surgical mediastinal staging in clinical N1 lung cancer

There are 2 steps that are neccesary to report a new case:


To report a new patient and check in- and exclusion criteria click on the above tab "New Case"

Fill out ALL fields on this page and press the submit button at the end of the page

A new page will open stating if the patient is eligable for the trial and an unique ASTER 3_ID is provided in case of eligability

This ASTER 3_ID is needed to fill out the CRF!

You can find an overview of eligable patients with their assigned ASTER 3_ID for your institution in the 'Review input' tab (after login)


Now you can click the link below to open a new CRF

The CRF is an ADOBE PDF form which can be filled out and send over email OR

which can be printed out, filled and returned to us by fax, mail or email.

To fill out a CRF: Click here

PLEASE make sure that the ASTER 3_ID is filled out so we can attribute the patient demographics to the CRF.

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